What type of people make good anesthesiologists?

To become an anesthesiologist the most necessary factor is the desire and dedication that is required when choosing this career. Firstly, one must have the desire to start and finish the lengthy period of time that it takes to become qualified.  Secondly, is to have the dedication to do the job to the highest standards that are expected of an anesthesiologist.

Both women and men become very good anesthesiologists, however, it has been noted that women do tend to earn rather less than their male counterparts.

As the job entails so much in the way of responsibility toward their patients an anesthesiologist does need to be the sort of person who can cope with any stress that they job may entail, much like a doctor has to do. However, to do the job that is required of them, they must be able to remain calm, no matter what situation they may find themselves having to cope with.

Because an anesthesiologist has to work closely with the surgeon and nurses before and during a surgical procedure it is absolutely vital that they are capable of working as a team and that they understand the responsibility of each member toward the patient that is on the operating table.