What type of education does an anesthesiologist need to have?

It is a long haul for anyone who wants to become an Anesthesiologist whether you train in the US or in the UK. On finishing medical school a candidate who wants to specialize in anesthesiology would have to complete a two year Foundation course and then complete a program of training in anesthesiology which involves a two year core program followed by a five year higher training program. At each stage of the training the candidate must pass the diploma of Fellowship exam.

On completion of the full training program the successful person will be awarded CCT Certificate which indicates that they have successfully completed the full training in order to become an Anesthesiologist, in brief they are now fully qualified.

All the time and training that a person who wishes to specialize in anesthesiology is an absolute necessity as all patients who go into hospital to receive any sort of open surgery that they require, are effectively placing their lives in the hands of the anesthesiologist.

I found this Comprehensive Guide to Education in Anesthesia on Amazon this book goes into detail about all aspects of what it takes, or what it’s like to be an anesthesiologist, such as fellowship training/requirements and maintaining your certification. The book assumes you are already in medical school and contemplating going into the anesthesia field. If your’re not quite at that point yet may I suggest This Book, also found at Amazon.