What is an Anesthesiologist?

When a patient needs surgery of any sort it is at necessary for the surgical procedure to be carried out whilst they are kept under anesthetic. This task is up to an anesthesiologist, who has been highly trained in this procedure. It is the job of the anesthesiologist to ensure that the patient is administered the correct dosage and to monitor the patient’s vital signs whilst the operation is carried out. The anesthesiologist also monitors all post operative procedures which are referred to as peri-operative medicine.

By monitoring a patients vital signs during surgery the anesthesiologist ensures that the surgical procedure is carried out as safely as possible. It is their duty to be present when the patient is in the recovery room after the surgery has taken place. It is their job to ensure that the patient makes a full recovery from the anesthetic that they have administered before and during the operation.

Without an anesthesiologist present when a patient needs surgery, the operation could not take place as the surgeon performing the surgery could not do so if the patient was fully awake. In brief the anesthesiologist is the physician who basically keeps the patient alive during the surgical procedure that is being carried out and ensures that the patient recovers fully from the anesthetic after the operation. If you would like a more in depth explanation of what an anesthesiologist is or does I suggest checking out a book like this selling on Amazon.

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