Top Anesthesiology Schools In Ohio

First, no matter where you go to medical school there will be basic requirements, such as GPA, or MCAT scores. Are you qualified to get into medical school? Questions like this would be nice to know before preparing to even look at which school you want to join. I found this book on Amazon that goes into all of the basic admission requirements and gives advice to different types of students in different types of situations. Please check out that book or one of the many others like it before you spend a lot of effort looking into a profession that may not be for you.

There are many medical centers in Ohio offering anesthesiology programs, here are two of the best:
Case Western Reserve School of Medicine:

One of the graduate schools under Case Western Reserve University, and Ohio’s largest biomedical research facility, is its school of medicine is one of the best places to study anesthesiology in Ohio. Located in Cleveland, the School of Medicine is the third institute that has got top billing possible from the governing body of US and Canada medical degree program.

The department of Anesthesiology in the School of Medicine offers both residency and fellowship programs. The reason why it is the best in Ohio is because of its dedicated staff and faculty members and for the fact that you don’t have to rotate to other institutes to learn about each subspecialty of Anesthesiology as the school offers all of them like obstetrics, cardiac anesthesia and pediatric anesthesia. Also, being the major tertiary referral center in Cleveland, very complicated as well as rare cases come to the hospital providing the students a challenge in learning their discipline. If you are interested in research, the vast research lab and facility of the institute will provide you with all the help you need.

University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center:

Ranked by “US News and World Report” as the 42nd best medical school in the country. It was established in 1819 and is the second oldest public college of medicine in the country. Live Polio vaccine was developed here in the 1950s and was also the first medical school to establish residency program in emergency medicine.

The department of Anesthesiology is one of the most popular departments for residency and specialty courses. The department was founded in 1970 and offers broad range of experience and teaching in varied subspecialties. One of the best among them is the pediatric anesthesia training of which is acquired in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center noted as “America’s Best Children’s Hospital”. If you are interested in research, you will love the cutting-edge NIH funded research facility of this School of Medicine.