Top Anesthesiology Schools In Michigan

First, no matter where you go to medical school there will be basic requirements, such as GPA, or MCAT scores. Are you qualified to get into medical school? Questions like this would be nice to know before preparing to even look at which school you want to join. I found this book on Amazon that goes into all of the basic admission requirements and gives advice to different types of students in different types of situations. Please check out that book or one of the many others like it before you spend a lot of effort looking into a profession that may not be for you.

The University of Michigan was founded in 1817 but moved to Ann Arbor in 1837. The University of Michigan is known as one of the top universities in America. The Department of Anesthesiology is part of the University of Michigan Medical School and is known for both its excellent patient care and its teaching and research. The Research Division of the Department has a broad-based research program. They conduct both basic research and clinical research. The University Medical School has been named to the Honor Roll of America’s Best Hospitals. This school has been ranked 6th in the nation by the US News and World Report.

Wayne State University was founded in 1868 as the Detroit Medical College. It is now the School of Medicine. In 1923 the combined schools of Medicine and the Detroit Normal Training School became the College of the City of Detroit and was granted four-year degree status. In 1934 the Detroit Board of Education organized the six colleges it ran into one University. In 1934 it became Wayne State University.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine is the largest single-campus medical school in the USA. The Department of Anesthesiology is actively involved in both corporate sponsored and non-corporate sponsored research. Education at this school can begin with an undergraduate degree at Wayne State University. The school is integrated with seven Detroit Medical Center hospitals and many out-patient clinics. The clinical practice at these hospitals and clinics is conducted as physician-directed anesthesia groups.

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