Top Anesthesiology Schools In California

First, no matter where you go to medical school there will be basic requirements, such as GPA, or MCAT scores. Are you qualified to get into medical school? Questions like this would be nice to know before preparing to even look at which school you want to join. I found this book on Amazon that goes into all of the basic admission requirements and gives advice to different types of students in different types of situations. Please check out that book or one of the many others like it before you spend a lot of effort looking into a profession that may not be for you.

There are many acclaimed medical institutes in the state of California that offer great programs for those interested in becoming an anesthesiologist. Below are profiles of the two of the best:

University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine:

Popularly known as UCSF School of Medicine, it is one of the best medical schools in the United States. The school was established in 1864 and was known as Toland Medical College. It came under University of California in 1873 and moved to its present location in Parnassus Heights in 1898. The greatness of this School of Medicine comes from its outstanding faculty; till date, 3 Noble Laureates have taught or is teaching in the school! Not to mention 59 American Academy of Arts and Sciences members, 16 Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators, 41 National Academy of Sciences members, and 70 Institute of Medicine members who have the distinction of becoming a faculty here.

The reason why UCSF School of Medicine is so highly popular with students opting to study anesthesiologist is because it is attached with six hospitals including The Medical Center of the University of California, San Francisco General Hospital, The Veteran Affairs Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. As for the faculty, it includes the best anesthesiologists in the country, including several that have been published in major scientific journals. The residency tracks offered by the university include Critical Care Medicine and Research in Anesthesiology.

Stanford School of Medicine:

Ranked 5th among Medicine schools in USA, Stanford is the oldest continuously running medical school in the Western part of the country. Started in 1855, it was known as Cooper Medical College and in 1908 Stanford University brought the medical college under its jurisdiction. The main campus in Palo Alto started in 1950’s and since then, the university has contributed largely to the field of medicine through research and innovation. It also has many Noble Laureates in its faculty and inventors.

There are many disciplines of anesthesiology that students here can specialize in like pediatric anesthesiology, critical care medicine, obstetric anesthesia and more. The acceptance rate of Stanford is very low; so you have to have great marks to apply here. The biomedical research center here is cutting edge and so if you are interested in research in the field of anesthesiology, this is the place to be.