Salary Differences Between Male & Female Anesthesiologists

Discrepancies between earnings for males and females exist in any job profession. No matter how high the educational level attained by either males or females the wage gap is still present. This gap often becomes even more pronounced with the top professions.

Anesthesiologists make a great deal of money with salaries ranging anywhere from $250,000 to $400,000 annually. This is one of the highest paid medical professions to be in. A male anesthesiologist’s salary is usually in the higher range of the pay scale while a female anesthesiologist will be earning around the lower end. A female anesthesiologist can expect to find her salary to be around 20% lower than what a male in the same profession earns despite having the same educational level.

There are a variety of reasons for the discrepancy in earnings. Even though they have received the same education male and female anesthesiologists usually choose different jobs within the profession. Male anesthesiologists often have more experience as their job history tends to be pretty consistent whereas a female may have taken off a few years to start a family. Often female anesthesiologists will choose to take a position that offers lower pay in exchange for more flexibility to be able to take care of their families. Male anesthesiologists often work in private practices where they also hold partial ownership. In these instances they gain income from practice profits in addition to their earnings from performing anesthesia on patients. Female anesthesiologists typically work in hospital settings where a flexible schedule is more of an option. Male anesthesiologists typically work long hours, greater than forty per week allowing them to have a larger number of cases. Female anesthesiologists typically choose to work positions in which they will be responsible for no more than forty hours per week or even fewer. When taking these factors into account it is easy to explain the difference in salary amounts for male and female anesthesiologists.

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