Physical Demands of the Anesthesiology Profession

The lower body of an anesthesiologist is put to the test constantly because anesthesiologists spend a l lot of their time standing and walking around. Adjusting to days full of standing and walking should be an easy transition for most people but for others, especially those that are not always physically active, it can take some getting used to. According to an anesthesiologist working for a reputed hospital in New York, it is not easy to get breaks and relax during your job as an anesthesiologist because you have to do so many things to do. The responsibilities that have to be fulfilled are to stay close to the patient during surgery, make sure that the air pumps are working properly, and ensure that the patient is lying in a position that allow them to breathe.

To summarize, an anesthesiologist has to perform so many tasks in a day that it is not easy for them to relax for a long time. You may be able to sit down for a minute or so but if there are many tasks assigned for a day then you will not get much time to relax until your shift ends.