An Introduction to the American Association of Anesthesiologists

Philips Booth at the American Society of Anesthesiologists

No matter whether you are just beginning to focus on anesthesiology during your time in medical school, or you are a practicing anesthesiologist, you may want to join the American Association of Anesthesiologists. Aside from giving you a chance to network with other anesthesiologists, you may be able to enjoy a number of other valuable resources. At the very least, if you want to keep up with other professionals in your field, you will gain plenty of opportunities when you join this organization.

What is the American Society for Anesthesiologists?

The American Society for Anesthesiologists was founded in 1905 and has over 46,000 members. This organization is dedicated to enabling professionals all over the country to network in a way that advances the professional of anesthesiology. Invariably, this also includes a significant focus on patient needs and the development of techniques that make each clinical encounter safe, productive, and as pain free as possible. 

What Benefits Will You Gain?

If you choose to join this organization, you can look forward to a number of benefits that include:

Access to cutting edge research in the field of anesthesiology
Access to information about new equipment and techniques
The opportunity to network with other providers in your field
A chance to discuss clinical cases with others that may have alternative solutions
Current information about new legislation and guidelines
An opportunity to find jobs or vacancies in various regions of the country
The capacity to network with other providers in order to discuss reimbursement issues
Information about seminars, coursework, and CME credit opportunities
Directories of insurance companies and other agencies that might be of interest

Is This the Best Organization for Your Needs?

Even though there are other organizations dedicated to anesthesiologists, this one is the largest. Therefore, if you are going to choose one organization to be affiliated with, this one may offer you the largest number of opportunities to learn as much as possible about changes in your profession. That said, you should not overlook your state and county medical societies as well as regional organizations that may provide you with more information about the healthcare industry.

There is no question that being an anesthesiologist will provide you with years of challenging and rewarding experiences. While you may instinctively want to focus only on patient issues, there are always going to be other things you will need to do in order to perform at your highest level. In particular, you should always be aware of changing technologies and techniques in your profession, as well as changes in various laws and guidelines. If you do not want to spend hours on end trying to find journals that will give you this information, it will be to your advantage to join the American Society of Anesthesiologists. No matter how you look at it, the chance to network with others, as well as gain access to industry specific information will always help you to navigate in your career as well as offer the best care to each patient that you work with.